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   No interface belt with polyurethane and rubber
   Belt with special pattern on backside
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    Polyurethane, rubber seamless belt Introduction: Lida seamless ring belt is made of high-strength continuous steel core (INOX) and high-quality polyurethane (PU), made by a special molding process. Belt possesses property of high tear strength and high abrasion resistance because of high-quality polyurethane (PU) material. Steel core (INOX) increases the intensity and tensile strength, so that the belt has a good dimensional stability and accuracy of the length.
    Seamless Polyurethane belt applies to high strength, high accurate power transmission and high load power transmission system.

Properties of PU Belt

Mechanical capacity 
Dimensional stability 
Low pretension force
Low noise 
High abrasion resistance
Good elasticity  
Max linear speed up to 80m/s
Chemical properties
anti-aging, anti-hydrolyzing, anti-UVA, anti-ozone
operating temperature;-30℃-+100℃
the highest affordable +130℃
high grease-proof, oil-proof
Resistance to most acid and alkali corrosion
combine with other thermoplastic material

   • The length of Seamless Polyurethane belt is from 2500mm to 15000. The company products belt of different purpose and tooth form. In addition, the back of belt can add different material mantle. Belt with special tooth form needs customizing.

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